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SHUBX has a very special sizing system. Because all garment are designed to adjust in length and width, each piece will fit a range of sizes. The size that your child wears depends on his/her own body and growth rate, rather than a pre-determined idea of what your child's size should be at a particular age. However, to help you get accustomed to our way of sizing garments, we do provide an equivalent to the popular sizing system. Below is a more detailed description of each size.

[ 3 mo. - 12 mo. ]

Small size fits babies from 3 month to 12 months.
[ 12 mo. - 3T ]

Medium size will fit your baby from about the age of 12 months to approximately 3 years.
[ 2T - 4T ]

Large size fits toddlers from about 2 years to about 4 years.