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SHBX is a kids line created by a mom who was looking for something new, fun and original, for her baby girl.
The name SHBX actually means, shoebox. Why a shoebox? Because people like to collect and treasure things that are sentimental and precious to them, in a box, usually a shoebox. That is why each garment is wrapped, in a little box, reminiscent of a shoebox, that you can treasure forever.
All SHBX designs are inspired by pure innocence and whimsy of childhood. With its big bold shapes, simple lines, fun decorative stitching and exciting colors, SHBX captures the simple joys of being a kid, without compromising style.
SHBX is designed to adjust and grow with your little one. Made of the softest and most luxurious cottons and leathers, our styles will last for years. All garments are adjustable in length and width, and some are designed to morf from one thing to another to accommodate your ever growing bundle of joy. And with easy machine washable fabrics (yes, even the leathers are washable), SHBX garments are a breeze to care for.